Travelling during Valentine’s day

A water fall on the island of Java, Indonesia

6 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are Single (Travel Edition)

Valentine’s Day is usually the time of the year that most singles get hysterical when they do not have dates when February 14 hits.

While those in a relationship already have an automatic date if schedule permits, singles do not necessarily have to be with somebody on Valentine’s.

There are a lot of unique ways a self-loving single can enjoy the day such as unique travel experiences, food trips, and culture immersion.

Fall in love with these eight unique experiences this Valentine’s Day.

1.      The underrated beauty of Java, Indonesia

Bali is always the first thing that people think of when you say Indonesia. Little do they know that the island of Java has the same beauty as well.

Java is also home to a number of volcanic mountains, clear and pristine waters, and temples to visit and enjoy the view in.

It is perfect for soul searchers that wish to take a short break from work or spend the long weekends in paradise.

Finding your own inner peace is highly possible in this part of Indonesia as well since it’s abundance in nature makes it a go-to spot for wellness enthusiasts.

There are as much of it in Java as there is in Bali so it’s up to you to choose which outdoor scenery suits your chi.

2.      Nightlife in Phuket is awesome!

Bangkok has an active nightlife but the fun is actually in the beaches of Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket is actually the go-to if pure nightlife is what you seek. There is also a huge chance you meet new people from different nations as this nightlife spot is very popular for the Westerners as well.

Unlike Bangkok with a number of other things you can do besides partying, Phuket is more suitable for the “drink, dance, party, repeat” culture.

Even athletes who train for Muay Thai fights do not shy away from a night out in Phuket whenever possible

3.      Street food at Hawker Center

Since you might be thinking of a traveling for Valentine’s why not travel to Singapore for shopping and food tripping?

The best place for that is the Hawker Center, where the Singaporean government herded it’s street food vendors.

Chances are that couples who prefer to be practical are there but mostly, it is a singles’ spot on Valentines.

The reason is that their commitment to food and celebrating alone just makes it right for them to be at Hawker Center.

4.      Unique Filipino Ideas

The people of the Philippines have sorts of unique ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without a date. Filipinos tend to be the most creative when it comes to Feb. 14 ideas.

There are a ton of parties and concerts dedicated to the people who enjoy single blessedness.

The fact that they enjoy the company of fellow singles in their schticks makes it more exciting to travel to the Philippines.

5.      Double or nothing in Macau

Disclaimer: Play for the fun and thrill. Do not play in the hopes of becoming rich.


Booking fancy restaurants and buying gifts for a date may cost a lot depending on how you seek to impress.

The good news is that you can actually spend less to travel to Macau and spend the rest taking a chance on doubling your cash on hand.

Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia and for good reason. It’s bright casinos are definitely a more elegant version of the ones you see in Nevada.

It doesn’t guarantee that you are going to come home with extra cash. It’s the thrill of making sure you do that makes spending Valentine’s in Macau exciting.

6.      Feel the heat and go on an African Safari

If you are looking for a unique way to redefine valentines, then go on an African safari instead and rediscover your connection with animals and nature.

You have to admit that you have watched National Geographic more than once in your life as a child.

What better way than to witness how wildlife actually is than to go on a trip there instead? It’s definitely more interesting than binge watching Animal Planet on Valentine’s

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